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5 Tips For a Warm And Attractive Home: Winter Proof!

The beloved December month has arrived again, the holidays are coming and it is getting colder outside. During this month it is wonderful to hang out on the couch in the evening with your favorite series on. This is of course preferable in a warm and cozy house, but how do you create an atmosphere in your home? Read on and find out which handy tips will make your house completely winter-proof with lots of atmospheres!

Tip 1: Opt for warm tones & soft materials

This tip is perhaps obvious, but no less important. Choose earth tones with a warm undertone to get as much atmosphere as possible. Colors you can think of are ocher yellow, cognac, clay gray, brown, old pink, and rust orange. Make a color palette of your favorites yourself, so you can see well whether the colors match. When it comes to furniture, you choose soft materials. This gives that cozy feeling that you are looking for and is also super comfortable. Materials such as velvet fabric are immensely popular and fit perfectly with the holidays. Purchase a nice velvet sofa or chair in a dark, cozy shade such as dark green.

Tip 2: Add atmospheric lighting

Without mood lighting, it looks very bare and uncomfortable in the evenings. To make it not look so chilly, add some extra light points. Choose LED lamps with the look of an incandescent lamp, these give off a warm light and make it a lot more pleasant. Buy a side table and put a nice lamp here or choose a standing lamp that can stand in the corner next to the couch.

In addition to illuminating your home with lamps, you can of course also use the ‘free’ light. If you have nice large windows in your home, so that a lot of light enters the home during the day, you’re lucky. Play with the amount of light and privacy by choosing shutters or a wooden blind.

Tip 3: Ensure harmony

Getting a good balance in your home is one thing, but creating harmony is even more difficult. Ensure continuity and do not give every corner of the room a completely different look. A common thread in colors and patterns is therefore super important. Let the same elements appear in every corner or room, this is the common thread in your interior. Choose one basic color that comes back the most and selects a few matching shades. When you have put together a good color palette, you can look at the materials there. Do not use too many different structures, because then it will become restless

Tip 4: Stimulate the scent senses

Tasty scents in your interior are becoming increasingly important. For example, when you get a visit it is so nice that it smells a little fresh in the house. Light up a nice scented candle an hour before the visit, this adds to the atmosphere! Bring the winter into your home with a spicy scented candle, ideal during this time of year when you spend a lot of time indoors and with family.

Tip 5: A touch of gold to finish it

As icing on the cake, you sparkle some gold over your interior. A large interior trend that adds a bit of glamor. Note: too much gold can look kitschy and you want to prevent that. Process gold in the small details of your interior. Nice cushions, candlesticks, lamps or mirrors for example. Another advantage is that gold naturally goes perfectly with the December month.