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4 Nice Ways to Hang Photos in Your Interior

Would you like to have some more of your favorite photos in your interior, but do you find the regular frames a bit boring? Then choose one of these 4 fun ways to hang photos in your interior.

  1. On a branch

Do you want to do it yourself? Then take a nice branch from the forest and turn this into a beautiful photo branch like the one below. You can read how to do this here.

  1. Like a clothesline

Nobody is a fan of ‘doing the laundry’, except if you use the clothesline to hang your favorite photos (such as Polaroid’s) with pegs. These photo washing lines are ready-made for sale, but you can of course easily make something like this yourself.

  1. Gallery wall

Would you like to make a statement? Then choose a gallery wall at home. The name suggests that this is not about a few photo frames in a row, but about an entire wall that is full of framed photos, preferably in different sizes at different heights.

The gallery wall below is extra cool because it even goes a bit around the corner!

  1. Mesh board

You can also choose a special rack where you can put photos or clip on. Consider a small gold-colored postcard rack or a ‘mesh board’ as below, with which you can vary endlessly with postcards, photos and small accessories.