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25 Tips to Decorate Your Small Bedroom Beautifully

Decorating your small bedroom: the 25 best tips

Is your bedroom just 12 square meters in size? No problem! We betray you cool tips & tricks to make your room look bigger and use every centimeter!

1. Bed with storage space

Just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean you have to settle for a narrow  90-centimeter bed. How can you enjoy a comfortable double bed without wasting useful space? Simply by buying a bed with storage space. Here you can easily store your bed linen, pillows, blankets, etc.

2. Using walls

If you don’t have much space in the bedroom, it makes sense to use the walls. Wall shelves are perfect for magazines, books, and anything else you want to put in there. Also handy and good-looking are rods and racks on which to hang your clothes, jewelry, and other accessories.

3. Light colors

White, white, white, and even more white: your small room can’t have enough of this color. Because with white and other light colors, your room will look fresh, tidy, and larger. Tip: think of a nice color palette for your room in advance, because too many different colors in a small space make the room chaotic and restless.

4. Mirror

Mirrors give your room more depth and make it look bigger. Therefore, invest in at least one large mirror or a few smaller mirrors.

5. Built-in wardrobes

Probably the most brilliant invention of all time: fitted wardrobes! If you are lucky enough to have fitted wardrobes in your home, these will naturally save a lot of space.

6. Sliding doors

If you don’t have a built-in wardrobe, you should at least buy a wardrobe with (mirror) sliding doors. Because there is nothing more annoying than not being able to open the doors of your wardrobe completely because there is not enough space.

7. Minimalist furnishing

Even if you are not really the minimalist type and do like decoration, you should still try to furnish your bedroom as minimalist as possible. Straight lines and light colors simply look best in small spaces.

8. Loft bed

If you live in a one-room house, without a separate bedroom, you should also consider buying a loft bed. It may sound a bit like a children’s bedroom, but you can decorate your room very cool with it. In this way, you create space for a cozy reading corner or practical workplace, for example.

9. Little decoration

Do you really need to display all the souvenirs from your last ten trips in your small room? Lots of small decorations quickly make the room look overcrowded. It is better to only create a few really stylish decorations. This also applies to the walls: rather one big beautiful poster than many small pictures.

10. Multiple small light sources

When the light comes from the ceiling, your room automatically appears smaller. That is why it is better to invest in a few wall lamps. They not only make the room larger, but they also give your room a pleasant, cozy look.

11. Multifunctional furniture

Nowadays furniture is real multitasking and can be very easily transformed into another piece of furniture. This way you can transform a sofa into a bed in seconds. Beds, tables, and benches can be storage furniture at the same time. Multifunctional furniture is therefore a must for small spaces.

12. Door hooks

Where do you leave your bags, coats, and umbrellas? You just hang it on the door. Door hooks are inexpensive, widely available, and super practical for hanging things you use every day.

13. Foldaway bed

Folding beds are great if you live in a one-room home. During the day they simply disappear into a closet, so that you immediately have more space. And don’t panic, nowadays you also have high-quality folding beds!

14. Curtains to the floor

Floor-length curtains make the ceiling appear higher – so they are ideal for small bedrooms. Opt for light colors and light fabrics to give the room even more width and depth.

15. Reflective materials

Decoration, home accessories, and small furniture (vases, bedside tables, etc.) made of reflective material such as metal or glass are essential in a small bedroom. They provide more light and make the room look bigger.

16. Do not paint the wall all the way to the top

Do you like colored walls, but the ceiling in your bedroom is quite low? No problem! We have the ultimate tip for you to make your room look no smaller: Do not paint the wall all the way to the ceiling, but just below it. This way your walls immediately seem higher than they really are!

17. Wall shelf with integrated home office

Do you have hardly any space for your bed and do you have no idea where to place a desk? Then we have exactly the right solution for you: just use part of your wall shelf as a (mini) desk. Make sure the board is wide enough – it must be at least 30 centimeters.

18. Fine furniture

Large, robust furniture makes your small bedroom look extremely heavy and overcrowded. It is, therefore, better to invest in fine, light furniture (in Scandinavian style, for example). Chairs with thin legs and low beds without a head section create a light and relaxed atmosphere.

19. Statement pieces made of acrylic glass

How about buying an acrylic glass piece of furniture for your small bedroom? Chairs and chandeliers made of this material are now very trendy because they have a modern look and give every room something special. Because they are transparent, the light can shine through them – immediately making the room seem much airier and brighter.

20. Improvised bedside table

Is your bedroom so small that you really have to use every centimeter? No problem. We’ll tell you how to do this without having to give up your nightstand. Improvise a bedside table by nicely stacking books or magazines on top of each other (best sorted by color) or by placing a large basket with a lid next to your bed. Also, a good idea: use a hocker as a bedside table. You can of course also sit on it. Isn’t that all much cooler than a traditional nightstand?

21. Corner rack

If you’re furnishing a small bedroom, a handy corner shelf is a must. Not only do you save a lot of space, but it is also the ideal storage place for shoes, bags, decoration, and much more.

22. Stackable hockers

Do you want enough seating in your room, but you don’t have space for a large armchair or cozy beanbag? Then just buy a few small hockers that you can stack!

23. Clothes rack

Don’t have room for a real wardrobe? Then just buy two or three clothes racks on which to hang your blouses, dresses, jackets, etc. These look super-stylish and make your room look airier.

24. Curtains as a room divider

Is your bedroom not only small, but also your study, living room, and dining room at the same time? Then you urgently need a few room dividers. It is best to use curtains to the bottom, which you can easily open and close again. Again, the lighter the color and the lighter the fabric, the better.

25. Side table

Do you really have no space for a normal table in your room? Then invest in a side table. It is clearly narrower and can be used for working, eating, or as a storage place.