10 X Scandinavian Home Inspiration

That Scandinavian living is a huge trend nowadays, we can no longer ignore that! And fortunately, because the Scandinavian home trend is one that can be perfectly combined with many other interior styles.


The Scandinavian living style is characterized by a sober, authentic, and minimalist appearance. However, this is balanced by comfort and functionality, which are of paramount importance to the northerners. What we mainly see in the Scandinavian design is the attention to details, user-friendliness, and clean lines. Where the whole looks calm, this style excels in its unique detailing, eye for detail, and eye-catching accessories. As long as the whole thing remains calm, there are no longer any limits to the accessories. Brightly colored cushions with busy graphic prints or an existing rug: the Scandinavians certainly agree!


No home trend inspired by a specific area is as characteristic as the Scandinavian interior trend. And they can be proud of that! This authentic charm is mainly reflected in cities such as Copenhagen and Stockholm. In these cities, old buildings are often renovated while preserving the authentic elements. You can think of old fireplaces, authentic floors, and high ceilings with beautiful old ornaments. A beautiful herringbone floor or fireplace is almost indispensable in a real Scandinavian interior and gives your home charm.


A Scandinavian interior boring? I do not think so! Especially with the accessories, you can go completely loose in the Scandinavian living style. Busy graphic prints in all kinds of colors, cheerful pink or mint green cushions on the calmly colored sofa, with this style anything is possible. The easy thing about the calm and minimalist basis of the Scandinavian trend is that it combines well with many colors. The colors that you often see are pink, mint-green, copper, and other pastel shades.


If there are people who understand warm and winter-proof interiors, it is the Scandinavians! Sheepskins are not only used on the floor anymore but nowadays they can also be seen on sofas and chairs. Wonderfully soft and a feast for the eyes! And everything can be wonderfully warm and cozy: from thick rugs to fluffy plaids and cushions, the bigger, the better! And what could be better than a wonderfully soft and warm carpet in your home?


Graphic prints are hot! Where we first saw them a lot with screaming black and white texts, this year we see the graphic prints in somewhat calmer tones. Lots of faces, people, or cool graphic drawings are depicted on beautiful posters. Multiple posters or drawings placed in beautiful tight frames on the wall ensure that you have transformed your wall into a Scandinavian whole in no time. We also see graphic prints in other accessories such as pillows, plaids, and duvet covers. You can go all out in the Scandinavian trend, so mix-and-match!


A Scandinavian interior can be perfectly combined with an industrial living style because these already have many common grounds. Both interior styles make extensive use of the colors white, gray, and natural materials. The big difference between these two styles is that an industrial interior can be very dark due to the use of dark colors such as black, brown, and gray. In addition, in a Scandinavian interior, a lot of use is made of white, pastel shades, and light. You can therefore go for a Scandinavian interior with an industrial character or an industrial interior with a Scandinavian touch.


A fairly new interior trend is botanical living, also known as the botanical or urban jungle.

This trend is characterized by natural materials, striking colors and prints, and many flowers and plants. This trend goes hand in hand with a Scandinavian living style! Many plants and green accessories go perfectly with the soft tones in a Scandinavian interior. Because green has so many shades, it is very easy to incorporate in your interior and will definitely not look out of place!


Although the Northerners lack it in winter, they are fascinated by the principle of (day) light. Whether candlelight, lanterns, or electric lamps: light plays a crucial role in the Scandinavian interior. Scandinavian (design) lamps are characterized by a light that can be dimmed and amplified, a soft but minimalist look, and are made of natural materials.


Scandinavians love wood! From the well-known Scandinavian wooden houses to the accessories in the interior: they love it. For example, the Northerners love to use natural materials such as wood, which makes sense with the many forests in Scandinavia. The wood must remain as untreated as possible so that it remains rough, authentic, and light in color. Wood is not only reflected in the furniture, but also on the floor, on the ceiling, and even in the kitchen.


The minimalist Scandinavian interior trend comes into its own in the kitchen. The basic color of every Scandinavian kitchen is white. Think of white walls and a white ceiling. We see a lot of white walls like white tile work in a kitchen. Most floors are made of wood. You get the best effect with a wooden floor in a neutral wood color or a wooden floor that is painted white. To make these floors slightly warmer, a carpet is often chosen in the kitchen. Cozy, authentic, and beautiful!