My Civil War Novellas
Cole's Promise
Civil War romance
'Love Letters' series
Available from
The Wild Rose Press

Cole Manning, a Union lieutenant serving during the
height of the American Civil War, expects a letter from
his best girl, Hannah, who promised to wait for him. But
her post contains an unwelcome surprise. She's
marrying someone else. Heartbroken, he vows no
woman will ever fool him again.

Claire Hirsch's finace died in battle during the first year
of the war. Because she could no longer sit at home
mourning, she volunteers to assist doctors in the camps.
Scarrred by his death, she knows loving a soldier can
only lead to heartache.

Cole and Claire find solace in each other's arms, but is
their love strong enough to overcome the fear of losing
the one they love?

Her breath caught at the sight of Lieutenant Manning standing over Private Upwood's cot. He leaned down and spoke softly to the lad.
When he turned his head and straightened, his gaze caught hers.

"Miss Hirsch." He patted the boy's hand and stepped around the cot.

"Lieutenant, I hadn't expected to see you back here today."

He lifted his bandaged arm. "I'm supposed to see Doc tomorrow, but I had to see to the private. He said the boy's taken a bad turn."

Her heart burned at the raw pain in his eyes. "I'm sorry. I know you've been so worried about the lad. But it's not your fault."

He shook his head. "Everyone tells me that, but it's not how I feel. Could I speak to you in private for a moment?"

Claire's heart fluttered at the thought of being alone with him. But he obviously wanted to speak about the private out of his earshot. "Of
course, Lieutenant."

He reached for her arm and escorted her from the tent. She followed his glance. Men milled around conversing and sipping coffee. The
lieutenant bit his lip.

"How about back here?" He gestured toward the rear of the hospital tent where it abutted the forest line.

Claire hesitated. "I-I suppose so."

His gaze slid over her. "I promise to do you no harm, ma'am."

His boyish smile reassured her. Of course he woudn't dare accost her in camp.

She allowed him to lead her to the rear. Great oak and hickory trees cooled the spot. A boulder sat just a few feet behind the rear of the
tent. She turned toward him, thinking he'd meant for her to sit on the smooth top of the rock, but instead, he reached his good arm
around her back and drew her close.

Her pulse raced. "Lieu--" Her question was cut short by his lips pressed against hers. His kiss was soft and sweet, not demanding. He
pulled away, his gaze dancing over her, a small smile on his lips.

"I must apologize, Miss Hirsch, but after being in your company, I couldn't resist tasting. I hope you don't think me a complete scoundrel."

Although Claire's first impulse was to protest such improper behavior, she couldn't resist grinning. "Not at all, unless you want me to
think of you as a scoundrel," she teased.

"In that case..." He kissed her again, more thoroughly, this time.

Little moans escaped her lips as she returned his kiss. Her eyes closed, and the thrill of his touch sent her toes curling. Her knees
turned to jelly in his strong grasp.

He released her lips but held her fast. "I must apologize again, I'm afraid." His eyes smoldered, and Claire wondered what else he had
in mind.

"Lieutenant, I--"

His mouth took her lips again, sending shivers down her spine.

"Call me Cole."

"But, Lieutenant, it's hardly proper..." Her protest died at his intense gaze.

"We've shared an intimate exchange, and I'd like to share much more with you. I suppose that puts us on a first name basis, at least in

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The Christmas Ball
Civil War romance
Available now from The Wild Rose Press

While pretending to be a male soldier, farm girl
Sara Brewster falls for a handsome Union army
surgeon. When her secret is revealed, will a lavish
Christmas Eve ball work in her favor--or will her
heart be broken?

Kirk Ellison is shocked to discover the assistant
he thought of as a boy is a young woman
disguised as a man. As his feelings for Sara
grown, he must convince her she can fit into his
society life, if he's to make her his own.

Sara closed her eyes and breathed deeply, Doc Ellison's kiss had scattered her senses. For months she'd dreamed of being in his
arms. As he reached for the buttons on her shirt, her breath caught. His hands on her body thrilled her. She'd never felt like this before.

After loosening the buttons, he opened the shirt and gazed at her bosom.

She studied him, wondering what he was thinking. did he like what he saw?

He dropped his hands and half-turned away.

"Please," she gasped. "Don't stop."

Turning back, his gaze roved over her. She tried to read his expression. Was that desire she saw, or disgust?

"We should be going now," he said. His gaze dropped to the hay strewn ground.

"No!" Boldy she reached out and fingereed the buttons of his coat. He didn't move as she slowly undid them and parted the material.
Her fingers tingled as they brushed over his shirt, feeling hardened muscle beneath.

His breath hitched, but he gently pushed her away. "Miss Brewster, we mustn't..."

"Doc!" A shout from outside, startled her. She jerked away from the doctor and scanned the barn opening.

"Yes," Ellison called. Her eyed her. "You'd best go."

She nodded, hurriedly fastening her buttons. One of the other stewards approached. His dark eyes slid from her to the doctor. "They
don't need me in the hospital tent, and told me to come on over and give you a hand."

Ellison glanced at Sara. "We're about finished here. I was on my way back."

"All right, Doc," the soldier said. "I'll head back with you."

She swallowed, not sure she could find her voice. "Ah... I'm off duty, so I reckon I'll head back to my tent."

Ellison reached up and gave her shoulder a squeeze. "I'll see you tomorrow."

She caught his gaze, trying to gauge his thoughts. Would he have allowed her to undress him if they hadn't been interrupted?

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copyright 2012 by Susan Macatee